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Barrier. Gate

Barriers of Parking for all applications and purposes. The access and parking space are the business cards of a company. Customize your parking lot, your garage or your parking spaces to the outdoors with the barrier system. You can also use your corporate colors, select between barriers standard barrier lit or barriers articulated to facilitate access to your customers through barriers, parking systems of signaling by traffic light.

The Barriers SoftFactory is a barrier to reliable to the users of your parking space, but no limits for your ideas

You can speed up the entry process, because the access of people and parking spaces are your business card. You can make a difference and give a different touch to technological level with our designs of Barriers of Access. You can choose from the standard designs - 4.5 m long - or you can use our barriers, united by arms that can be illuminated from the inside. And much more, it facilitates the targeting of your clients by displaying various symbols using integrated systems of signals on line.


Why Smart Barriers SoftFactory?

Lengths up to 4.5 meters (14.76 ft) in a single variation with a secure magnetic to prevent when not in use. Opening system 15% faster than others in its type.

  • Displays several light symbols
  • You can have a camera inserted for prevention of vandalism
  • The barrier you can use Led lights for additional security and visual recognition.
  • A cost-effective solution in the long term for your parking lot, it only requires the barrier without column.
  • It uses a minimal amount of components in the installation.
  • The saving of energy one of its best features.
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Power. Gate

The parking column universal with multiple functions offers wide possibilities for the sector of ticketing with the most modern technology and diverse. Improve their business models; become part of the solutions urban. Power.Gate will be your best help.

Appropriate for every budget. Offers advertising opportunities on the column, allowing additional income.

Power. Gate offers multiple possibilities for the sector tiqueteo with the latest technology and more modern and diverse. Option touchscreen, RFID and barcode technology, we guarantee an immediate response.

Lite. Gate

Lite.Gate is the smart alternative for the reading of tickets independent. The small door barrier the car park is large in terms of solutions of RFID and bar code, and also provides access to the modern online world. Expand their business models; become part of the solutions urban. Lite.Gate will be your best help.

High-end materials and special features that will blend elegantly with any type of architecture where ainstalado. Video communication is bi-directional. Additional possibilities of advertising to generate additional revenue.

Camera LPR - Reader Plates of Traffic

The reader of tuition LM600 performs two basic functions, the capture of the license plate and optical character recognition later. This operation allows to cover a wide range of applications and needs in various fields of application.

For the parking public, private access to the industries and residential areas. The reading of license plates of heavy vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds; tolls of control, border, roads, ports, airports and railway stations.

Door Reader Gate

Reads all bar codes and magnetic strips of tickets including credit and debit cards, your you select the function.

Tolerance to all-weather and protection of the card reader, user-friendly illustrations for maejor use.

Link to external systems for automatic doors, sliding, alarms, video, etc Access control linked to a central monitoring as a service operator or parking. logic.

Advertising in your devices

With devices such as barrier gate, power gate, lite gate not only do you have the latest in line for your parking, you can offer several possibility for advertising. Use these or any device such as your own business, cooperation or resale to generate additional revenue. You are also free to use in your designs, logos, images, videos, or information.

  • Lighting at the top for more attention
  • Added advertising in the columns of your barrier. gate
  • You can locate videos of their own advertising or customer devices power. gate
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Key Tag / Key Detector

With Key Tag / Key Gate, it is not necessary to open the window, Key Gate, prevents the contact at the time of entry or exit of the parking lot. It consists of a reader and a receiver (Key Tag) which is attached to the pan of the vehicle. Keytag.Gate offers, in addition to a level of comfort in the long term for the customers of parking lots, a platform for the operator to engage in the marketing and additional services.

Key Detector is a controller for all types of income. Ideal for sectioning areas of the parking lot and allow access to certain restricted areas.

Key detector is a cost effective solution for control of permissions on a point-of-sale. Can be linked to apps already installed on your devices, and set different modes of operation. Access with RFID cards and/or pins.