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Manual Cash

The box ticket allows you to perform a personal advice from the own box and dispense all kinds of cards or passes, as cards for groups or cards of the season with photography. With the box system for points of sale Manual.Cash, you can manage your collection efficiently and easily.

Manual.Cash offers your customers greater convenience in buying tickets. Using the option to 'print and send' to issue tickets; you can offer your customers the benefit of obtaining tickets from home - and the use of the benefits of a function of letters of professional series to distribute specific information.

The benefits of Manual Cash, is to have a solution for small businesses. Allows you to obtain tickets in a way that is quick and agile. You don't need a special computer, install the software on your PC, you don't require one additional machine, only the machine tickets. You can have different options such as printers, tickets, video camera, screen, customer, payment terminals or barcode readers.


Benefits Payment Points SoftFactory

Systems of Payment Machines accessible to all. The new ticket vending machine Power. Cash Accessible, contains all the necessary functions and buttons according to the international standards, with a height between 80 and 120 centimeters. Therefore the control panel is within the reach of all. Additional to this, the automated station impresses with great quality, design and functionality for the expansion of your business.

  • Access of the customers sitting or standing
  • Touch screens
  • Payments via credit card or cash
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Encoding Smart Tickets

The Scrambler Smart is a coding device designed to automate efficiently the printing and encoding of RFID systems, bar-code ISO format. The integration achieved to automate up to five tickets by processing the barcode in the input (2 to 4 positions), 2 or 3 tracks of magnetic stripe tickets credit cards (1 or 2 positions), data management, RFID for receipt of all through the same slot in the card.

Reliable and economic thanks to high-speed printing of fanfold stock. System anti-fraud printing, coding and verification in a single processing step. High-speed output. Direct thermal printing(blackening of a thermal layer on the card).

Prints text and graphics on tickets via the printing high-resolution thermal; reuse keycards thanks to the printing erasable. Produce receipts and tickets of paper or text receipt printing tickets existing. Supports ISO magnetic stripe cards 13MHz-RFID and the standard for a wide range of business applications.

Power. Cash Touch

The product of first quality between the machines paid parking SoftFactory is "the professional" when it comes to multiple payment options and technologies support data! Here is where it meets the convenience of the operator, elegant design, high reliability and ease of maintenance. In the model with a touch screen, not only a modern interface, but you can also take advantage of an easy expansion of the functionality. Power.Cash provides a variety of opportunities to improve the efficiency and profitability of their business models for the management of the parking space.

If customers want to pay in cash or with card, or use one of a variety of media formats of data, Power.Cash is well prepared for today and the next few years. Processed barcode, magnetic, and RFID technologies, offers print @ Home, and prepares for the solutions NFC.

Easy. Cash

Easy payment of tickets with a parking space with Easy. Cash. Makes life easier for your customers. The standard model among the atms SoftFactory Easy. Cash combines a modern design multi-functional with a cutting edge technology. It is a system of atms, ideal for underground garages, parking lots and parking spaces to the open air, it has all the benefits of new technology as reduced maintenance costs, for an efficient management of the car park.

The model Easy.Cash has qualities to take up less space and accept coins and banknotes.

Credit. Cash

The alternative of payment with bank cards at the atms of SKIDATA allows the users to its underground garage, your parking lot or squares of parking in the open air, the smart payment with bank cards in a simple, safe and quick. With the machines of credit card payment Credit.Cash, submit to your company with a modern design and benefit from reliable technology and reduced costs of maintenance. Manage your car park efficiently.

Payment Cashless: simply Pays with a card, eliminating the cash time-consuming.

The modern design adapts to any architecture, traditional and contemporary, and highlights your experience and quality of service.