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Parking Logic

Do you always want to know when it happens, how and be able to respond regardless of where you are located a vehicle? Services Parking Logic provides you with the information and tools you need to ensure the problem-free management of the parking space. You get a summary integrated all the information, deployment of operators in quickly, and response to unplanned events fast and efficiently thanks to excellent processing of all information and the security of operation by remote control.

Features of Parking Logic SoftFactory: We offer an open solution with third-party applications. Electric Vehicles. ERP integration. Electronic Payments. Transactions and permissions external. Readers External. Electronic Invoices. Reading of Plates on Vehicle. Guiding systems. e-Ticketing systems. Access Control to People.

Innovative Products

SoftFactory has been becoming the ideal partner in services, pedestrian access and parking lots. Our experience has allowed us to position ourselves as one of the first alternatives in the market. We not only offer immediate solutions to shopping centres for a better flow internal and external, we have come to innovate at a technological level, offering products of first-line such as Skidata, the world leader in level of access, so we can offer different types of services at airports, sports stadiums, fairs, parks, and many more places.

Guided with Cameras

This camera is integrated within the LED indicators as a single unit, a camera position, when the position is occupied, the LED light becomes red, when the position vacates, the light turns green. Capture real-time images of the vehicles Collecting the information of the status of the parking lot (occupation) Recognizes plate numbers with the LPR technology

Elements of the System: Trough Legrand, IP Camera, Pilot Light ( Green/Red , Blue / Red among others ), Totems of Query ( Find your car ), Panels with variable information, Software + Server

Find your car
Video Surveillance cell to Cell
Guided smart
Detection of administrative staff parking in areas reserved for Customers
Detection of Vehicles poorly parked
Integration with CRM
Detection of Vehicles with long stay
Rotation reports, occupation, history of each cell, of each registration among others
Provides support information for claims


Search Vehicles

Speed and low cost: the developments made locally using SDK officers, with the support of SKIDATA. Reliability: SKIDATA keeps the interfaces that are compatible with new releases of Parking.logic

Monitoring Room

The system SoftFactory is integrated by a center for remote monitoring 24 hrs a day 365 days a year, connected to cameras, systems and equipment of parking lots, to get reports and real-time monitoring that allows you to: Monitor the total number of access devices and the total devices out of the parking lot and you can view the history of faults that are generated at the time.

Customized assistance. Monitoring of automation systems and equipment in real-time. Audit of revenue generated in each parking lot. Optimization of time in repair of computers through the technical system. Advice and repair failures in the systems operation without the need for transfer to the site. Generates incident report

Operation and Maintenance

Operation of the Parking lot. Toilet of the Parking lot. Policy Responsibility. Maintenance of the Systems. Decorative painting in the lane of Access and Exit. Supply of Tickets. Stock of spare Parts on Consignment

Be delivered maintenance Schedule, both for the Guidance System and access Control system. The maintenance that will be performed in the Systems are Preventive and Corrective, these will be billed if the change requires new parts. The Preventive maintenance will not have any cost and are included in the proposal. The Corrective Maintenance will have a cost depending on the damage caused to the elements and responsibilities in the damage. Delivered periodic reports of the maintenance tasks performed.