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Thermal Validator

This device allows for the visual brand for times of parking shorts. The bar code, brand and determines the validation method to be applied to the payment. Validations are registered and listed in the report; details can be evaluated and prepared for further processing.

Print additional barcode on the same ticket. Operation Offline. Only requires electrical power. Mechanical counter is not repositionable. Status-Led operation. Configurable to operate using: Discount by percentage, Discount by time, value Discount a fixed Exchange rate.

OffLine Validations

The main use and the contribution of these codes is to link the real world with the internet, facilitates the connection between the physical world and the digital, therefore its applications for parking are endless. Some examples of the application of QR codes:

Allow access to any web address without having to type it, or enter it in the browser. Download and save information with easy-to-read and use at another time. Recommend a page on the social networks, using the code that includes that purpose. Uses on business cards and visit.


e:VAL is a web-based solution for parking. The Electronic Parking Validation is a Management solution (e:VAL), based on the standards of the web to permit the validation of parking and recently there was the launch of Mobile Connect that will be the perfect solution in systems of parking.

e:VAL is the new standard in systems validation for parking. e:Val provides a complete solution for your parking through web browsers, which will allow operators to control and manage the system of vehicular access in an optimal way, agile and easy.

Advertising in your devices

With devices such as barrier gate, power gate, lite gate not only do you have the latest in line for your parking, you can offer several possibility for advertising. Use these or any device such as your own business, cooperation or resale to generate additional revenue. You are also free to use in your designs, logos, images, videos, or information.

  • Lighting at the top for more attention
  • Added advertising in the columns of your barrier. gate
  • You can locate videos of their own advertising or customer devices power. gate
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Shop N Go

The point-of-sale Shop N Go is a tool that allows you to better manage your business. Customer tracking – This feature allows you to see exactly the access of your customers to the different spaces of the parking lot – how many are in the moment and when they are leaving the place. NTEP Certified-point-of-sale is weights and measures certified to ensure that all rules and regulations are met.

Custom reports – Shop N Go has custom reports so that you can see sales trends, product updates, customer transactions, complete sales data, purchasing data, and much more. Discount Matrix – This tool allows you to create levels of discount to your customers (the citizens of the third age, employees, etc) and create offers in items (such as weekly report of sales).